Must Read: A Woman Claimed That A Self-Adhesive Bra Ripped Off Her Skin!

Self-adhesive bras are best described as backless, strapless bra that adheres to the underside of the breast using medical grade adhesive is usually made of silicone, polyurethane, or a similar material. This self-adhesive bra is mostly used by celebrities, designer and models, you may think they're naked but they’re not, aside from that it gives instant breast lift as well, no wonder it becomes very popular.

Most women opt to use self-adhesive bra these days because it is perfect for wearing halter, strapless, low back or plunging neckline. It is intended to provide a woman’s breast with the same support, cleavage enhancement, and lift as a normal bra would, while remaining invisible.

Most likely, you often see these self-adhesive bras online and they promised to be safe to use, easier to put on and take-off but a recent post by a netizen claimed otherwise.

Jami Catherine Moran Jessop claimed that she purchased the self-adhesive bra on Amazon (one of the most reliable online stores in the world) since the said product was not available in any online stores in the Philippines.

It was a product of Tidetell which is an online retailer that is not only selling undergarments like self-adhesive bras but they also sell wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, wigs, and clothes.

According to Jami when she was trying to remove the self-adhesive bra, it seemed like it was actually stick itself to her breast and she was having a hard time to get rid of it. After several attempts, she finally removed the said self-adhesive bra and the skin on her breast was literally ripped off.

She then shared her experience and post her photos on Facebook in order to warn other women about this self-adhesive bras. Furthermore, she also expressed her disappointment to the said online store and retailer.

Netizens what do you think about this self-adhesive bra? Have you ever tried it? Were you satisfied or disappointed like Jami? Share your experience with us!

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