Siya Ang Ginang Na May 'MINI MUSEUM' Ng HERMES Bags. Isa Sa Pinakamalaking Kolekisyon Ng Hermes Sa Buong Mundo!

Bags are girl's best friend. However, there's a lady in Singapore who definitely went over in collecting the most luxurious brand of bag. The price of this bag will absolutely shock you. 

Hermes Bags are one of the most expensive bags in the world. In fact, a normal Birkin bag would nearly cost you around $12,000 to $14,000 and that's P600,000 to P700,000 in Philippines peso. An Ostrich Birkin would be around $18,000 to $19,000 or almost a million in Philippine peso. 

We can see most of these bags on famous and popular and the elites. Some of them are as follows: 

A former flight attendant turned richest Social Media Influencer Jamie Chua has a mini museum of Hermes Birkins and Kelly Bags. You wouldn't imagine the cost when you sum it up. 

Her age will also give you a WOW. She's already 44 years old and a mother to Cleveland, 23 and Callista, 19. 

She is well known as one of the metro's richest entrepreneur. Jamie owns 200 bags in her Hermes collection. 

She even had to refurbish her closet to accommodaet her growing collection. She gave her a social media followers a virtual tour of her spacious walk-in closet on her YouTube channel last July 2016. 

“For me, it wasn’t about what it symbolized but truly how user-friendly Hermes bags were.

“Even until today, I still find that the B or the K suits my lifestyle the best.“They fit the stuff I need for a day and it’s really easy to find my things in them!”

Her very-first Hermes was a “Blue Jean [Togo Birkin 30cm] bag with white stitches,” which could retail up to $22,775 or PHP1.1 million online.

The centerpieces of Jamie's Famous Hermes Collection is none other than the three varieties from Himalaya family. 

“The Himalayan Birkin and Kelly are my top holy grail bags if I had to pick!”, the 44-year-old beauty entrepreneur said. 

Last June, it was reported that a matte white Himalya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin was auctioned off for a record-breaking $379,261 or PHP18.8 million.

For others, collecting these super expensive bags are insane. However, for people with this urge, it is a pride. Sometimes, we can't explain why we collect things but we are loving it. 

Apart from her massive designer bag collection, she also takes pride in her equally-massive designer shoes collection. 

Shoes are her "weakness". 

You can watch the full wardrobe tour below: 

If you have the purchasing power, would you also love to have one of these? Please leave your answers on the comment box!


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