LOOK: Filipino Celebrities Who Have SUPER RICH Partners! Find Out Here!

When you love someone, age, background, and looks are not important. It is how a person can make us feel happy and fulfilled. Someone, being rich, is just a bonus. It is not the number one requirement for us to be deeply in love. Although having partner withe power and money is a plus and a bonus. Security is now one of the 'turn on' for some. The feeling of your future being secured forever is somehow euphoric.

Let us give you the Seven Filipino Celebrities who became super rich because of their partners.

7. Maria Assunta Tiotangco Schiavone-Ledesma is a Filipino-Italian known by her stage name Assunta de Rossi. 
She is married to Julia Carlos Ledesma IV also known as Jules Ledesma. 

Jules is from the old-rich Ledesma clan of Negros Occidental, they are the pillar of the sugar industry and owner of vast acres of land and formerly the Negros Navigation. 

When she was only 19 years old, Assunta married Jules who was already 41 years ol at that time, in a Civil rites held on December 14, 2002 at the Executive House of Ledesma Group. 

On March 14, 2004, Assunta and Jules had their church wedding at the Sanctuario de San Antonion in Forbes Park. 

6. Nina Jose -Quiambao
Nina Jose is the fellow housemate of the Chinita Princess Kim Chiu in Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 1 in 2006. After her PBB stint, she ventured into acting. Aside from acting, she also tried modeling. In fact, she has appeared on the cover of FHM magazine. 

After she left the limelight, Nina Jose married a Billionaire Politician, Mayor Cezar Quiambao of Bayambang, Pangasinan. He is the owner and Chief-Executive-Officer (CEO) of Stardcom Corporation, a company which manufactures and operates I.T. infrastructure projects for the government. 

They say that age is simply just a number. This holds tto be true with Nina Jose and the man she had chosen to marry. Nina Jose recently made news again after she married a man that's reportedly twice her age. 

In a previous interview, Nina said she'd always been attracted to older men. So when she met her husband she didn't really mind his age. 

It was a May-December affair as Nina's husband is way too old for her. But Nina seems to be very happy with him. 

5. Kaye Abad - Castillo
Paul Jake Castillo and Kaye Abad officially got together on April 14, 2014. Although, they only publicly admitted their relationship a month after, their followers already believed that what they have was something special. 

Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Paul Jake Castillo is already rich even before he appeared in Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) House. 

The family of Paul Jake Castillo does not only own a house in Cebu City but also a rest house and a farm. Their family also runs a business producing Bioderm, Efficascent Oil, Casino, Alcohol, etc. 

Kaye and Paul Jake were friends before first before they became a couple. They exchanged I do's in a Catholic wedding ceremony held at San Pedro Calungsod Chapel in Cebu December 9 of last year. 

Despite the fact that he was born in a wealthy family, Paul wants to be independent and he also managed to put up his own business - the YOBOB Lechon de Cebu which opened on 2012 being one of it. After being married to Paul Jake, Kaye is now managing their business. 

4. Pauleen Luna -Sotto
Pauleen Marie Jimenez Luna-Sotto is a Filipina actress and television personality. She's a regular hosts of the long-running Philippine variety show Eat Bulaga. 

They first met when Pauleen joined Little Miss Philippines way back 1995, she was 6 years old at that time. 

Vic Sotto first confirmed his relationship with Luna, who is 34 years younger than him, back in December 2013. The two, however, have been together since 2011. 

She has been branded a "gold digger'. It has been said that she is too young for him. But for Pauleen Luna, it is all about loving Vic Sotto. 

The 27 years old actress Pauleen had exchanged vows with 61-year old veteran comedian Vic Sotto in a private wedding at St. James The Great Parish Church in Alabang. 

They are still happily married and Pauleen Luna is now pregnant with their first child. It's a Baby Girl. 

3. Marian Rivera Gracia-Dantes 
She is known professionally as Marian Rivera, is a Spanish Filipina commercial model and actress. Her parents separated when she was two years old, after which her mother brought her to the Philippines where she grew up. 

Before rising to fame Marian has a very simple life in Cavite she was raised by her grandmother. While Jose Sixto Gonzales Dantes III, commonly known as Dingdong Dantes was already doing commercials at the age of 2. And an exclusive talent of GMA Network since he was 17 years old. 

DingDong Dantes is also the chairman of the YesPinoy Foundation and manages hiw own film studio named AgostoDos Pictures. He also owns a Multi-Million Penthouse in Quezon City. 

The year 2007 marked the first meeting of Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes when they were chosen to play the role of Marimar and Sergio. 

They were married last December 30, 2014 at the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral in Cubao. It was considered to be the wedding of the year. The wedding was attended by many knwon celebrities including former President Noynoy Aquino. 

After that they were blessed with a very cute baby girl named Maria Letizia Dantes. 

2. Zsa Zsa Padilla
Before being tagged as the "Divine Diva," she was just a simple girl with a simple life. But everything changed when she entered showbiz. She'd taken on many memorable roles on television and film. The most remarkable role she has taken on was the life partner and "rock" to Comedy King "Dolphy". 

By the time she met Dolphy, he was already a big name in the industry. Zsa zsa had a 36-year age gap with Dolphy. After years of being together their plan to tie the knot was derailed pending the annulment of Padilla's marriage to her ex-husband, Dr. Modesto Tatlonghari. 

Here's an interview with Zsa Zsa after the death of Dolphy.
-On the legacy she would want her and Dolphy's relationship to leave. 
"That it's hard to be judgemental about relationships."

"When we started, everybody was against it. It was doomed from the onset. And then we survived 23 years," she says with a smile. 
"You know how we did it? We would always talk and say, we've survived worse than this. This is nothing. Umpisa pa lang ang hirap na, and if you start a relationship that way, with the right mindset, you can weather any storm."

1. Gretchen Baretto
She is a Filipina actress from the Philippines. She was launched in Regal Films' 14 Going on Steady as a singer-actress. In the 90's, she starred in Seiko Films racy films as "Tukso, Layuan Mo Ko" (1995), which were labeled as "SEX TRIP" or "ST Productions". 

Gretchen was 23 when she hooked up with business tycoon Antonio "Tonyboy" Cojuangco, he is 20 years older than Gretchen. She was always with Tonyboy during special gathering but she was only she was only referred to "Tony's Date"

Baretto got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter named Dominique. She also went public announcing her relationship with billionaire business tycoon Tony Cojuangco. Tonyboy admmitted to be the father of Baretto's daughter. 

They've been together for more than two decades now. But still, many people are asking if Tony Boy will finally marry her and become the new Mrs. Cojuangco. 

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