A SON'S LOVE: Piolo Pascual Gave His Cherished Mother An Amazing House in Los Angeles!

Located in Diamond Bar, a neighborhood in Los Angeles County, California, USA, this three-bedroom house is Piolo Pascual’s gift to his mother, Amelia “Amy” Pascual. Spanning 1,200 square meters, this property features a lawn, a swimming pool, and even a separate cottage for the actor when he visits.

While grateful for her son’s sweet gesture, Mommy Amy was initially hesitant to move into this property. She used to live in a four-bedroom house in Monterey Park, also in the same city. To Mommy Amy, it was her biggest investment—the property signified her hard work over the years. Eventually, her children successfully convinced her to make the move to the quieter and more private community, but not without taking some of her priceless possessions to her new dwelling.

The house of Piolo’s mom is as unassuming as the actor’s property in Las Vegas, with only low stone fences serving as a boundary.

Acquired in 1999, this three-piece sala set was originally from Mommy Amy’s old home in Monterey Park. Even after all these years, the said set is still in good condition, prompting her to keep it instead of buying a new one.

The living area takes on a minimalist approach with only the necessary furniture in place. Adding color to the space are the following: an Ivan Acuña abstract painting and a family portrait of the Pascuals taken by Raymund Isaac.

The glass-topped dining table for six also came from Mommy Amy’s Monterey Park house. A replica of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam painting on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling is mounted on one wall.

Guests can adore Mommy Amy’s collection of crystal and porcelain with a display cabinet intended solely for these acquisitions. 

With the L-shaped layout of the kitchen, Mommy Amy would find it easy to move around the space for food preparation and cooking.

The bedroom is awash in various shades of purple, Mommy Amy’s favorite color.

Mommy Amy watches Piolo’s TV shows in the comforts of her comfortable queen-size bed. The ceiling fan with leaf-shaped blades lends the area an African-Safari touch.

Mommy Amy’s walk-in closet and bath in one is beyond the usual with a white couch, a dresser, and shelves for her doll collection.

Piolo has his own private cottage inside his mom’s property. Even though he rarely spends time in this nook, it still comes with the basics, which are in line with the actor’s inclination for all things simple. 

The backyard serves as a playground for Mommy Amy’s grandchildren. Her apos also have the option to take a swim in the pool.\

Situated near the backyard is the veranda, where a black leather couch is positioned directly across a huge TV set. It is also another spot in the house frequented by Mommy Amy’s apos.

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