WATCH: 'The Show Must Go On' Sarah G Stumble Down But Went Back On Performance on ASAP!

As they always say, whatever happened, 'The Show Must Go On'. Sarah Geronimo testified this on her performance yesterday on ASAP ans she gained praises from several netizens for her professionalism.

Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo, also known as Sarah G is one of the most popular and respected singers in this generation because of her work-dedication. She's not only a singer but a dancer, songwriter, record producer, actress, and television personality. Widely known as the Popstar Royalty and the Philippines' Ultimate Pop Superstar, her contributions to music along with her film and television work has made her a local figure in popular culture of the 2000s to 2010s in the Philippines.

As Sarah G sings and dances to the tune of Little Mix's "Power, the "Finally Found Someone" lead actress, fell out of balance in the middle of her performance. She tumbled down still looking gracefully.

Her backup dancers immediately assisted Geronimo, one on her left knelt down to assist her and seems mimicing the fall to cover her. Netizens also notices her and commend the deed. 

Sarah just smiled, got up and continued with her fierce numbers as if nothing happened. 

Sarah G, who was celebrating her birthday on the show is turning 29 years old on Tuesday. 

The video circulated the Social Media but no one made fun of her, instead they lauded her after she continued with her production following an onstage slip.

Here are some of the tweets from what happened.


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Source: ABS-CBN News