WATCH: Jeric Raval Brought His Gentlemanly Behavior In Japan. Truly Awesome!

Veteran Actor Jeric Raval, is popular in his good action stunts and he's known for starring as fighting villains on several 90's movies. A lot of times before, he had appeared as a hero on some action movies.

It turned out that he is also a hero in real life, as evidenced by his new viral video. 

Jeric Raval visited the country of Japan and he brought with him the common attitude of Filipino guys, the 'gentleman' style. 

On a YouTube channel of Lovely Diaz, this video is posted. It shows that Jeric was sitting on a ride (train). 

And he saw this woman standing infront of her, and as a Filipino guy's instinct, he immediately offered his seat and stood up.

As an expression of gratitude, this woman bowed her head multiple times to Jeric.

Many Netizens were impressed by the actor's gentlemanly behavior. And he drew praise on Social Media.


Some of them are these:

Did you like Jeric Raval's attitude toward the Japanese woman? I bet you're also proud of him. Share this and let others watch the video to show that Filipino guys are still different and distinct for being gentleman wherever they are in the Philippines.

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Source: KAMI