WARNING: "Don't Let Anyone KISS Your Baby On The Lips" FIND OUT WHY! Surely Heart Breaking.

A heartbroken family bids a final farewell to their baby and their grief is immeasurable.

Little Mariana Sifrit was just 18 days old when she died, and it was all due to a kiss. 

The baby's mom said that everything was perfect, 6 lbs. 14 ounces and 19 inches long. She was born in perfect health on July 1st. She added that Little Mariana was a bundle of joy. 

Her Parents, Nicole and Shane were married with a big celebration. And of course, Mariana was the guest of honor, surrounded by family and friends.

As per Inside Edition Facebook Post, it was just hours after the wedding. Mariana became seriously ill. Instead of the usual honeymoon, they headed to the Emergency Room. 

"She was just increasingly declining really fast" Nicole said. 

"Hour per hour. It just gets worse." Shane added. 

Mariana has just contracted Meningitis. Someone who was infected with Herpes Simplex Virus had kissed the sweet little baby girl. 

According to Dr. Nancy, a Professor from Global Health at Stanford University, "This is the virus that lives in most of us that can cause cold sores." 

"The most likely scenario in this situation is that a healthy baby was born, was kissed by a stranger, a family member, a celebrant at the wedding and transferred enough virus that was then taken into the nose of the baby, spread through the nasal passages, got into the brain and caused the Meningitis."

Since Mariana has an immature immune system. She was just too weak to fight the infection. And so after 3 days, she succumbed. 

"Shane hold her in his arms, she stood over him as she passed away" Nicole remembered. 

It was almost unimaginable. She posted her daughter's death on Facebook to warn others. 

Nicole said she started going to everyone who came to visit, asking at the back of her head, "Could it be this person? could it be that person?" 

And the doctor finally told her at one point that she can not live like that. It's gonna end up killing her, and it's gonna rip her apart.

This baby who died from meningitis after a kiss is laid to rest in a small pink coffin. 

They hoped Mariana's death may serves as a warning for all parents. 

Nicole added that Mariana's purpose is to make people aware and she served a great purpose. 

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