'TWINNING GOALS' Slayed by Marian Rivera and Baby Zia with Branded Matchy Dresses. Must See!

A slang word "twinning" has been popularized on the internet at the beginning of 2015 and coined its peak at 2016 when the craze reached every Netizens. 

Who would not love to be paired with your living doll, your daughter? If OOTD has been known, so the matchy-matchy OOTD as well. 

Even Marian Rivera and Baby Zia is on the "Twinning" Craze. And we have compiled 12 best OOTD of them.

Here is their 12 best matchy matchy OOTD moments with the famous designers and expensive popular brands. 

1. A few weeks after Maria Letizia was born, they had their first twinning moment. Aside from expressing their mother-daughter bonding, their OOTD featuring boho dresses in pink are very noticeable as they both look so pretty. It was designed by John Paras. 

2. On 2016 New Year's Eve, their twinning with polka dots look extremely great for them designed again by John Paras, and of course, it's a polka dots. 

3. Marian turned to another local designer, Mariane pere for her mom's birthday celebration last year. It was a matching floral frocks for Marian and Baby Zia. 

4. With the same designer, they wore a matchy red lace dress for Zia's first birthday. 

5. Then a fews after, they were spotted twinning in Dolce and Gabbana. It could be so expensve for a child's dress but who cares, they can afford it anyway. And it looks great on them. 

6. They didn't only stop in matching their dress but also their bag/purse from S'uvimol. They look perfectly in synchronize with everything. 

7.  Casual and cute on Christmas day, the mother-daughter duo once again knocked twinning out of the park with their red polka dot shirtdresses by Mariane Perez. 

8. This one's our favorite. Even on their swimwear. Looks so amazingly adorable. And it's not just a swimwear, it's from Dolce and Gabanna Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. It was during their recent family vacation in Bali.

9. Not just once, they also matched their swimsuits and this time it's in cobalt blue. Simply beautiful! 

10. So if you will be on a resort, a tube maxi dress would never go out of style. Give way for the ladies in red; yet again in matchy matchy OOTD.

11. Both wears a foliage print dresses with white steppers to boot, Marian and Zia had another cool twinning moment. 

12. This is their latest matchy-matchy OOTD for 2016. They definitely define the standards for #twinninggoals. Donning blue and white floral frocks by Mariane Perez. 

Did you like their OOTD in pairs? Which one do you think looks good on them? Comment down and share us your thoughts and opinion.
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