SUPER TEKLA's Humble Residence Visited By "Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho" After Losing His Spot In 'WOWOWIN'

After leaving behind 'Wowowin' KJMS (Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho) decided to visit Super Tekla in his Makati Residence to check upon his condition. 

Philippines Reports team obtained the KMJS feature from the YouTube channel of GMA Public Affairs.

Tekla said that he might look like he's glamorous outside when out in the public but the truth is that he lives a simple life. 

His house is simple and humble which not much furniture and appliances inside. 

It was revealed on the interview that he does not cook and he just buy food outside all the time. 

And although he did not specify the reason why he was removed from Wowowin, Tekla denied the accusations from some Netizens. 

Wherein, he challenged his bashers to provide evidence for their accusations. 

He was truly heartbroken after getting kicked out from Wowowin (reason is still unknown to us). He said he loved the show so much. 

And he verbalized his message to Willie Revillame, “Kuya Wil, thank you. Deep in my heart, salamat po sa panahon… Sa pambihirang pagkakataon na ibinigay mo. Alam koi to po yung magiging sandata ko para lumaban. Hindi man kita masusuklian sa ngayon, in a way, sa ibang pagkakataon, Diyos na po ang bahala,” Tekla said. 

He also believed that the reason why God allowed him to be removed from Wowowin is that he has not gone to Mass since he got hired on the show. 

Watch the full interview here: 

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