OUT OF ANGER: Nadine Threw Her Phone On The Floor! Received Mixed Reactions From Netizens!

Kapamilya Actress Nadine Lustre is one of the most popular actress in the Philippines today, she has done several successful movies and TV dramas which only proves the claim. Aside from that she is also a very in-demand product endorser as well.

And just recently she was also crowned as “FHM The Sexiest Woman In The Philippines 2017”

We can truly say that she’s now in the peak of her showbiz career.

Despite her success, Nadine has faced different issues and gained a lot of negative reactions from her bashers as well. As the saying goes “When people throw you stones, it’s because you are a good tree full of fruits.” It seems like Nadine is bearing so much fruits (fruit of success) that’s why stones (negative comments from her bashers) have been throwing on her these days.

Just before the announcement of the FHM sexiest woman,it has been reported that Nadine was seen throwing her phone out of anger at James. She didn’t deny the issue and explained herself that no one actually got hurt since she threw it directly on the floor.

She said in her interviewYun naman po yung super galit talaga. Hindi naman po yung mababaw lang na selos,”.
She also said that she and James value their relationship by not doing the thing that might upset each other. For her, miscommunication or misunderstanding is just pretty normal in any relationship.

Then not so long ago, some some Netizens think that Nadine doesn’t deserve to be on the FHM number one spot. After that, another controversy came-in and it was about the “live-in” issue with her boyfriend James Reid. Rumored has been circulated online that they have been living in together which again gained negative comments from her basher saying that she is not a good example for youngsters.

Meanwhile, Nadine also reacted about the live-in issue and she posted:I mean if that was true so what? Di ba? I am not gonna confirm and I am not gonna deny but then like ano naman?”

Many also gave their support to Nadine and defended her saying that she was right and if it is true, why do other people care?

As for Jadine fans their love and support are always on them. Especially now that James and Nadine are doing a new project. They have been to Japan recently and both of them watched the falling of Cherry Blossoms while they were shooting a scene. Nadines said “It was a dream come true po talaga,”

It’s another kilig moments again for Jadine fans.

Here are some comments from Netizens who reacted when she confirmed that she threw her phone out of anger; other said it's not a big deal and somehow it's normal when you get very angry.

Others interpreted it that Nadine has becoming a brat and boastful.

Other Netizens gave unsolicited advice for Nadine.

Some also relate this their living-in issue: