MUST WATCH: 9 year-old Little Pinay Got Golden Buzzer in 'America's Got Talent'

A nine year old little Pinay, Angelica Hale from Atlanta, Georgia stole the show once again when she returned to "America's Got Talent" last Tuesday (Wednesday morning in Manila). 

Hale delivered a stunning performance of "Girl On Fire" earning her a standing ovation from the audience and the panelists during the Judges' Cuts round. 

Guest Judge Chris Hardwick gave Hale the Golden Buzzer sending the young singer straight to the live shows as she hits every note of the Alicia Key song perfectly. 

The kid said all her her breath was stolen out of her and she gets speechless when she heard Hardwick's decision and when the golden confetti popped out. 

Before pressing the golden buzzer, Hardwick said he was blown away by Hale's style, he said she just walked out with sneakers on, like an adorable little child but when she started to open her mouth, he got this reaction; "How do those pipes fit in that tiny body, you are unbelievable!" then he pressed without having second thoughts. 

Hale looked so happy, Hardwick jumped on the stage and hugged her. 

She first impressed the "America's Got Talent" judges when she performed a powerful rendition of "Rise Up" as her audition piece. 



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SOURCE: ABS-CBN Entertainment