MEET Manilyn Reynes and Aljon Jimenez's 3 Handsome Sons! What A Happy Family!

In a world full of lies and infidelity, there are still relationships which are bound to stay, like Aljon Jimenez and Manilyn Reynes. They now have 3 kids named Kyle, Kirk and Kael.

They left the popularity behind to live harmoniously and build an empire on their own.

Manilyn and Aljon was a love team on their generation. Many can still remember how Aljon proposed to Manilyn on live TV. Time flies so fast.

According to Netizen's comments, they are now considered as one of the best couple in showbiz nowadays. When it becomes to relationships, they can be considered as ideal candidate.

Their three sons inherited their parents good looks who were once the Philppine's Horror movie King and Queen. Who can forget the "UNDIN" moments of Ms. Manilyn Reynes and a lot more horror stories like 'Aswang'.

Many love them because of their humility and kindness. Indeed, Manilyn Reynes is a wife-material. Here is some pictures of their sons. 

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