Actress-Model Solenn Heussaff published an article about her recent visits to the AFP Health Service Command where in wounded soldier from the ongoing conflict on the Southern part of the Philippines are being treated.

According to her, it was an an eye opening experience. Together with a few celebrity friends, they can be seen on the images talking soldier and their relatives. 

Solenn became emotinal as she hears each story, from one person to another.

“My heart was getting ripped into pieces, and every floor became harder and harder to visit. Lame, right? How this was hard for me."

"I can't help but think that if only more of us had the character of these heroes, the world would be a much better place," 

"If only we were less selfish, less hateful, and more grateful and more persevering."

She also mentioned the soldier unbelievable resilency as the each soldier she talked with greeted her with a smile inspite of all the thing they went through in the war.

Of all the soldiers that they had talked with, one specific patient stood out. It was the soldier that kept telling her how glad he was about the visit eventhough he was already blind because of his injuries.

"I couldn't understand how he could still be so grateful, while I was feeling so much anger for him deep inside."

She said she wrote the article because such stories of these soldier needs to be told

"They have many stories to talk about— sad ones, but also happy ones. Some even have miracles to tell, while others simply want an opportunity to share a joke."

You can read the full article of here: SOLENN's BLOGSITE
If Link is not working, here is the url: http://solenn.ph/journals/hospital-visit-changed-life/

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