LOOK: Hilarious Reactions From Netizens at a Recent Hotel's Announcement. Absolutely Funny!

A hotel is a place that has rooms for people to stay in especially when they are travelling by car. It is designated for every one who wants to have an alone time, or those who want to have a privacy and a more intimate quality time with loved one. 

A recent post on Facebook account of Marge Manabat, circulated the internet today with the hashtag of #BUKING. Not everyone can relate to this, but to those who just sneak in and for some who want it to be more private, you'll get why this post has become ironic.

On the post, which now has 
7,077 shares and 2.7K Comments has the caption of "May mga nanalo na mga bes! 😂 Congrats to all the winners! #BUKING Baka may kakilala kayo, tag niyo!". It is about the announcement of hotel's recent promo winners. The people listed won Iphone 7 however they are posted publicly. 

Netizens are now poking fun of that announcement, and tagged a lot of friends. Now, maybe the real question here is; Will these winners be absolutely happy they won the iphone 7? Or will get mad by posting their names as they just sneak in and stole an intimate bonding moment? Are they embarrassed or are they proud?

Whatever the answers may be, it seems to be absolutely funny for how netizens react to this. Here are some of their most hilarious reactions.

Someone is a little frustrated on the list. 

This guy is definitely has point. Cause if there's more check-in, more chances of winning! 

Someone has just get caught. 

Tagging someone who's just on the list, but nope, they just got the same name. 

This guy is humorously joking about a second announcement, and if anybody likes to cancel their entry. They must do it before the public announcement. 

Someone is reminding that their moms can see their names and they can be grounded forever. 

If you find this hilarious, comment down your thoughts and let others read your opinions. 

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Source: Facebook