LOOK: Daniel Padilla's Real Attitude Towards Fans!

Kapamilya young actor Daniel Padilla, one of the hottest star and in-demand  celebrity in this generation is showing his real attitude towards his fans.

A netizen (Allyssa Fae Soto) posted her pictures with Daniel Padilla, she narrated how much she had to endure just to see the young actor in person.She said, that it was really difficult to get near him, that’s why she had to do anything just to make it possible.

According to Allyssa, Daniel  is so down to earth and he is really affectionate as well. He even cracked jokes with her fans just to cheer them up.

Waiting for DJ until wee hours is really worthwhile since Allyssa has been dreaming to meet Kathryn or Daniel (or both of them) in person. 

Eventually, the time has arrived and the long wait was finally over, it was actually a dream come true for her. Allyssa couldn't hide her happiness, she even cried afterwards which she called it “tears of joy”.

So, her only advice for Kathniel fans who are also dreaming to see them in person is just to wait for the right time and place because sooner or later it will eventually happen.

Please read the full story from her FB Account:

So netizens what do you think about Allyssa’s story? Share your thoughts with us.

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