Girl Spent Php10,000 After Developing Infection For Using Php20 Earrings!

Many people often buy cheaper items to save money, instead of actually getting high end premium quality stuffs. The reason of course is, the thinking of not spending much for an item and to get a lesser price. 

However, sometimes buying frugally ends up costing us more money. 

This is what happened to Elace Batula who ended up spending Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000) because she tried to get a cheaper pair of earrings for only Twenty Pesos (P20). Practically, she could have purchased at least two pairs of original gold earrings with the money spent on her medical fees. 

The picture below shows the earrings that was stucked on her earlobes.

She posted it humurously with a hashtag #SaanAabotAngBentePesosMo. 
Sarcastic as it seems, she only express how regretful she was in buying this earrings than that of the original gold ones. 

She confessed that it was already months when she suffered from the pain. She developed an infection that caused her left ear to swell. Many people have tried to removed the stuck earrings, but the moment it is being touched intentionally or accidentally, it's giving her a crouching pain. 

As Filipinos are known for being patient in bearing pains. We somehow took time to check all means before consulting a doctor. 

Good thing Elace finally, sought the help of a doctor. To her shock, she needed to spend so much money for the medical interventions.

Aside from spending Php10,000 for the medical expenses, she also had to deal with the strange looks she gets from people when she's out in public due to the big cocoon-like gauze she has on her left ear. 

This young lady shares her experience on Social Media in hopes that other Netizens would learn from her mistakes. 

On the comment section of her post, there is also a Netizen who said she had the same experience with her. So I guess this serves a warning especially to those teenagers who usually buy fancy earrings likes this. 

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