GHOSTS ARE REAL: Top 10 Most Famous Ghost Photobombers!

Spirit photography is a kind of photography which the main purpose is to capture images of spiritual entities or ghost, most of the time in ghost hunting. It has been a long history of spiritual photography since in the late 19th century.

However, there were a lot of hoax or  fake ghost images circulated nowadays, thanks to the computer program called “Photoshop”, it is an Adobe’s photo editing use to create a convincing ghost images.

Nevertheless, here are the top 10 popular authentic ghost photographs and the story behind them.

1. Grandpa”s Ghost. 
As you can see, grandma is in the nursing home and her husband was actually standing behind her. Unfortunately, this grandpa ( her husband) had died thirteen years ago before this picture was taken.   

2. Ghost in Manila. This picture was taken in Manila. Some would say it was a double exposure or just another photobomber but according to these two girls they hadn’t seen anyone coming when this photo was taken or anyone around them. Moreover, the photo was shot using digital camera so double exposure was impossible. If that’s the case, who then is this sheer figure holding the girl’s arm? Any idea?

3. The  Woman on the Bench. As you can see there was a woman sitting on a tombstone and staring into the trees. She was not present when the photo was taken. She only appeared after this picture was developed. It was taken in Bremen Township, Cook County at  Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery during a paranormal investigation in Illinois (in 1991) by the Ghost Research Society. This small abandoned cemetery, probably one of the most haunted places in the Chicago area.

4. Abraham Lincoln ‘s Spirit Photography. It is a creepy photo of Abraham Lincoln standing behind his wife. It is actually some of the most famous ghost photos in the form of spirit photography however this picture was actually a hoax. It was taken by the spirit photographer William H. Mumler. Seeing there was a market for it,  he started working as a medium  then taking people's pictures and doctoring the negatives to add lost loved ones into them (mostly using other photographs as basis). His deception was discovered when he put identifiable living Boston residents in the photos as spirits.

5. The Ghost of Freddy Jackson. This picture seemed to be normal but as you can see there’s another extra face in the crowd, it was the ghostly face of Freddy Jackson an air mechanic who died in an accident. This photo was taken in 1919 at the HMS Daedalus training facility in which  a group photo of a World War I squadron was taken just two days after Freddy Jackson’s accident.

6. The Hampton Court Ghost. This image was captured by a CCTV at the Hampton Court Palace in London, England in 2003. At that time, guard rushed to the area because the fire alarms had sounded which means that one of the doors had opened, only to find out that the doors were closed and no one nearby. They had discovered from the camera footage a ghostly figure, nicknamed Skeletor.

7. The Watertown Ghost Faces. A crew members reported seeing a distinctive faces of James Courtney and Michael Meehan on the water’s surface days later after they were killed in a freak accident.  The captain then took several photos of them (the one you can see below).  James and Michael were killed by gas fumes while cleaning a cargo tank aboard the SS Watertown in 1927,caught 'en route between the Panama Canal and New York City, they were buried at sea and the ship sailed on.

8. The Girl in the Fire. 
This photo was taken by an onlooker Tony O’Rahilly in a fire ranged inside Wem Town Hall in Shropshire England on November 19, 1905. While the entire building was deluged by fire  Tony took several photographs from across the street, then a creepy photograph appeared- a young girl standing in the doorway but no one at the scene saw the girl and not even the firefighters did.

9. The Brown Lady. 

Indre Shira and Captain Hubert C. Provand were taking some pictures of the mansion when Shira saw an unusual shady figure moving down slowly down the stairs. They snapped the photo and Provand was not aware that anything would appear on the photo as he didn’t see the figure on the stairs. (Nevertheless, as you can see on the picture below they actually captured something). This picture was taken in 1936, probably one of the most famous ghost picture ever taken of the  Brown Lady of Raynham Hall. Many asserted that it was the ghost of Lady Townshend, who has been forcibly confined to the mansion by her husband until her reported death in 1726.

10. The Pink Lady, the Ghost of Greencastle. 
There were reports of paranormal activity in  O’Hare Mansion in Greencastle Indiana many years ago, Guy Winters and his friend Terry Lambert decided to investigate. They took several photographs including video recordings. After they developed the film this is what they saw (See the video below)  The mansion is now demolished.

Having a photobomber is sometimes annoying. But having a ghost as a photobomber would not annoy you, more of, it will scare you. After seeing these pictures, do you now believe there are ghosts? And that's they are real?

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