Find Out How JUDY ANN SANTOS Uses Family Vacation as a TEACHABLE Moment. TRULY AMAZING!

Just like many Filipino families, celebrities usually also have their vacation once in a while. 
And once they have, they make the most out of it. 

For Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, she tends to make quality time for her family whenever possible. They took some time off recently and had a family vacation in the U.S., including husband host Ryan Agoncillo and their three kids, Yohan, Lucho and Luna. 

This U.S. trip was another milestone for the family as it was Luna's first family vacation abroad. The pictures show how she let her kid explore the surroundings and appreciate it.
It seems that Judy Ann is not afraid of her kids getting messy, as long as they enjoy and learn from what they are doing. 

Smart Parenting got a chance to interview Judy Ann before they left for the U.S. on how she was managing the task of packing their luggage. As a mom of three kids she said the key is to delegate appropriate tasks to older kids. 

"Tatlo sila - - hindi ko sila kayang isa-isahin!" she verbalized. 

"What I normally do with Yohan I let her pack her things because she’s 12 already. She needs to be responsible for being able to organize her stuff," the Bet on Your Baby host said. "So ang chapter ko kay Yohan ngayon is teaching her to pack and unpack her things," Judy Ann added. 

Judy Ann also shared, "Yung kay Lucho, naka-separate na sa mga bag organizers yung mga damit niya;  naka-set na siya [per day]" 

When it comes to younger ones, Judy Ann packed clothes in sets and makes sure to set aside outfits for at least three to four days, so she doesn't have to worry about them and focus her attention on her youngest. 

 "Siyempre kay Luna lang mas maraming ganap kasi ang dami-daming gamit," She continued. 
"Mas marami lang siguro akong dadalhing zip lock [bags] ngayon." she mentioned also the essentials such as diapers, lotion, mosquito repellents. 

Luna who is just one and half years now, obviously needs most of her attention. Although, even if she wants to pack light, it was almost impossible because she has three kids in tow. She said each member of the family was travellinf with at least two pieces of luggage each. 

"At least for Yohan and Lucho, tag-isa sila. Yung isang [luggage], walang laman kasi para na yun sa mga bago nilang bibilhin, at least sila na yung maglalagay dun," Judy Ann shared.

The actress is thankful that she has two older kids who are independent for their age so she can just supervise. But, she points out, "I love having my hands full, at least, for my children."

However she added that, "Pero kung biyayaan ako ng isa pa, okay lang naman. Pero Lord, hindi agad. Though okay na kami sa tatlo, kumpleto na kami it's parang perfect bilang isang pamilya." 

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