"BAD BABY!" 5 ERRORS Most Filipino Parents Make Resulting to Child Bad Behavior. MUST READ!

Regardless of children's attitude, parents will love them so much. Sometimes, that love can hinder parents to punish or treat them properly which in the long run may result in kids misbehaving. 

This was also confirmed by Mrs. Emma Jenner, a woman with a shownoon TLC called, “Take Home Nanny.” She revealed the 5 errors that parents do that will make them suffer sooner or later, in her show.

Here are the 5 mistakes most parents make that results to Bad Manners. 

When parents fear that their child may cry, they tend give what their kids are requesting. 

When a child wants to drink milk from a different cup, instead of their usual one, parents start to look for another cup instead of ignoring it. They fear that their child won’t be able to eat or refuse the food. You shouldn’t let your child command you, instead do it your way. Don’t ever let your child grow up following their wants because it may result to being spoiled.

Sometimes parents tend to rationalize their child's wrongdoings. It may give them the impression that can do anything they just need to reason it out. 

If you as a parent, keep on tolerating with such outbursts or misbehavior, you might give your children more oppotunities to continue with their behavior and lead to being an irresponsible parent. 

Nowadays, it's really hard for Professors and Teachers to scold or get mad on their students unlike before. Parents in this generation easily gets mad and tend to be over protective opn their children. Basically, when parents do this, they only teach their kids that their ready to back-up if someone hurt them even if their wrong. 

There could come a time that you can not control your own child when you don't let others teach them to behave. 

It is very understood that parents would look after their children due to some dangers in the world, they will love them to the moon and back. However, Parents must learn to manage their children's needs. Prioritizing wants from needs is very important. 

Giving everything your children wants may stress out that they are ALWAYS in control of everything in any situation, since at the back of their mind, you are always there to give them EVERYTHING. 

They would not learn the importance of perseverance, that not everything in the world are easily obtain. 

Parents nowadays tend to use a series of shortcuts to make their children comfortable. 

You allow your child to use mobiles or electronic devices every single time, such as doctor's appointment, boarding a plane, waiting a bus, or just cooking and cleaning at home. 

By that, they may overlook the importance of patience. They will also feel that they don't need people. Emotional quotient would minimize. Being alone will be normal to them and they would taught that they can entertain themselves by just playing with their gadgets, and so speaking to people are not needed.  

Parenting is difficult but if you get use the hang of it, you would understand that you should teach and prepare your children to be a part of society and community.

Don't be embarrassed to ask other parents cause still experience is our best teacher. Hope you guys get a full load of information. Happy Parenting! Don't forget to share it to people whom you think needed this the most.
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