WATCH: Ellen's DeGeneres Caught One Of Her Audience Stealing! Find Out How!

Ellen Caught One Of Her Audience Members Stealing And It's Almost Too Awkward To Watch

Are you the type of person who took a lot of souveniers whenever you go to an event or a party? You might think twice after you watched this. 

Last week on Ellen, in case you missed it, things got real awkward when Ellen DeGeneres caught one of her audience stealing like a whole stuffs from her show's gift shop. 

It began when Ellen put out a big table of swag before the taping, and members from the audience were told they could each have ONE (1) ITEM for FREE.

Hidden Cameras were set to watch them but the audience have no idea about it. 

Time has come that they are now getting their loots, almost everyone was honest. Like a lady here - who wanted to get a hat and a T-Shirt, but she told her friend that she would just buy the hat later. 
(For the record, Ellen ended up giving her hat for free. Honesty = reward) 

(For the record, Ellen ended up giving her hat for free. Honesty = reward) 

But then... there was this lady who definitely did not notice those hidden cameras. 

She stole a bunch of stuff, with the help of a friend/accomplice.

Three separate times, she circled back to the table, to steal as much as she could without arousing suspicion. 

So Ellen naturally decided to put on the spotlight and shame this lady on national television. Then things got pretty uncomfortable. Just watch here: 

Lesson learned was that "A free hat will never be worth a lifetime of humiliation"
She should have expected that it's Ellen, so hidden cameras are somehow just natural. 

Source: Buzz Feed