This Baby Nearly Died After Sitting In A Shopping Cart. Find Out Why!

For all mommies like me, going to the supermarket or grocery store is sometimes a troublesome task especially if you have a baby to take care of. Well, the only solution  to run our errand is to take our kids with us.

When we hit the grocery store, we usually place them in the cart, then we  try to keep them busy by giving them some food  or toys while we roam around the grocery store, but little did we know that we are actually putting our baby at risk.

Push carts or grocery carts may look tidy and clean, but we are not aware that there’s a lot of unseen viruses around public areas especially those push carts but once we got infected, only then the ugly truth revealed.

 I want to share the sad story of Vivianne so that we can learn something from her experience. She actually started a campaign to make all mommies know the truth about viruses in public places and to share her story so that no one will feel the pain which she had been gone though. 

From post of Vivienne Wardop:

"Just wanted to warn parents against using baby seats in trolley without wiping down or using a blanket.
Didn't even think about it just pooped him in and did a quick shop. I hadn't been anywhere with him in a week so doctors advised only place he could of gotten it. 

My 10 month old woke up the next morning so sick. Took him to hospital and he ended up in intensive care for 8 days. He ended up catching adenovirus, rotavirus, salmonella poisoning and got meningitis because of the strain on his body. Ended up with a central line as his veins were collapsing due to severe dehydration. He was in hospital for a total of 10 days and will still take another week or 2 to fully recover.
So please be careful I never thought something like this could happen."

Vivianne story is an eye opener for us, we must be careful whenever we go to any public places especially if we are taking our kids with us.

Therefore, make it a habit to wash your hands or use sanitizer as often as possible. You may use a blanket before placing your child to a trolley.