This Kid is Gaining Weight Enormously Everyday And Parent's Believe It's God Given Condition.

This cutie patootie is Chahat Kumar from India weighed for almost 18 kilograms at just 8 months of age and weighs the same like a 4-year-old kid.

She suddenly started gaining weight at the time she was four months old and it was really gaining fast. Her parents said that she was born perfectly normal as well as her weight, but now her weight is really troublesome because it seems like she’s gaining weight everyday. 

Doctors were actually surprised by her condition. Both her parents and doctors are still puzzled about her health problem.

It was also difficult to collect blood from her because she has a lot of body fat and her skin is hard as well. There must be some underlying medical issue to blame for her weight gain since her big appetite is one apparent concern.

Her parents estimated that she’s eating four times the amount normal baby of her age eats. She eats persistently and cries if they deprived her of food. Her mother (Reena) is very worried; she doesn’t want to put her baby’s health at risk since Reena has already experienced the loss of a child once, her first born died in childbirth. She doesn’t want to lose another baby again.

Her overweight issue causes a lot of problems. There were times that Chahat wants to go out but she’s too heavy that her parents couldn’t take her anywhere comfortably. So they are just satisfy to show her some places near their home in Punjab, India. One more thing, her weight is also giving her a hard time when she sleeps and breathes.

Her Father (Suraj) explained that their situation is a God given condition to their baby and they deny that the quality of care she receives nor that her upbringing has anything to do with her. 

If only the family could take her to the Civil Hospital in Amritsar, her medical condition could be properly diagnosed and treated. Unfortunately, their financial difficulty hinders them to do so. 

Chahat parents are positive and hoping for a brighter future for her. Even though sometimes people laughed at their baby  for being fat, they still want her to grow up with normal childhood just like the other ordinary kids, play with them and enjoy her happy life. They certainly don’t want her to struggle with problems so soon.

Photo Credit: Barcroft TV

Nevertheless, Chahat family are looking forward and waiting on how to resolve her medical issue soon and they wish that her life could get back to normal too.

Source: NTD TV, Daily Mail