The Girl Held Captive 24 years In Their Own Basement. Who did this to her will Shock You!

The bible said in Ephesians 6:4, Paul said “And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord” Therefore, Father is not to deliberately make their children resentful, bitter, angry, offended and discouraged. Fathers are central emotional well-being of their children; they are capable caretakers and disciplinarian.

But what will happen if your father who supposed to love you and be your protector would be the one who put you through hell.

This is what happened to Elizabeth Fritzl aged 18 at that time, the girl who disappeared in the town of Amstetten, Austria, and held captive for 24 years behind 8 lock doors in their basement area. She was physically assaulted, sexually abused and raped numerous times by her own father (Josef Fritzl) which resulted in the birth of seven children. She even gave birth to her children without any medical help.

She was held captive on August 29, 1984 when her father persuaded her to the basement asking he needed her help. She had been sexually abused by her father since she was 11 so she thought that following him will lead to another sexual abuse but despite the fact, she still followed his instruction and that was the last time she saw the outside world.

There in the cellar, his father started raping and chained her. There were even times that his father turn off the electricity and wouldn’t give her some food if he was annoyed. He forced her to write a letter to her mom (Rosemarie) and made her believe that her disappearance was because she joined a religious cult. 

Elisabeth said that she tried to scream for help but no could hear her. Since her father is an electrical engineer, She was also tricked that there is an explosive device which may automatically activated if she will try to access the keyless (electronic) door with a wrong code.

During her 24 years in dungeon she had 7 children, four of them lived with her and the other three took by his father to live upstairs to be taken cared by her mom.

One day, on April 19,2008, the eldest daughter (Kerstin) was badly ill and Josef agreed to seek medical attention. Elisabeth carried her daughter to the car and saw the outside world for the first time in 24 years. Kerstin admitted in the hospital and doctors were suspicious because of no medical records and the kid was deadly pale.

Doctors ordered Josef to bring child's mother to add further medical history, but Josef declined and gave a lot of excuses. Medical staff found his alibis puzzling so they alerted the police who then broadcast an appeal via public media asking Elisabeth to contact authorities. Soon after, Josef agreed to take her to the hospital where police detained them for questioning. Elisabeth refused to give information until they promised that she wouldn't see her father again.

She then told her 24 years in captivity and how her father abused and raped her. She even narrated how Josef forced her to watch pornographic videos and made her reenact scenes from the videos with him in front of her children.

Shortly after that, police officers completed the three pages of interrogation and Josef Fritzl aged 73 was arrested on April 27, 2008.

On March 16, 2009, the trial had begun. Josef later pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to life imprisonment to be detained in a psychiatric hospital.

Elizabeth and her children received medical and psychological treatment. She also tried to fix her relationship from her estranged mother.

Members of Fritzl family are living in a fortress-like house and they have coped with their recovery remarkably well.