Teenage Girl Was Raped Inside Hospital ICU costs Outrage In India

Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. In the past few months, an alarming number of rape cases have been reported across the country.

According to one activist Kavita Krishnan that rape in her country is as a social problem in India that is covered in shame and stigma governed by traditional male dominant society.

Recently, people were outraged and stormed into Jagriti Hospital in the city of Kanpur in Northern India’s Uttar Pradesh state. Wherein, another rape incident happened. The protesters clashed with baton-wielding police officers outside the hospital. The riot began when the crowd turned on cops, throwing stones and charging back at their lines. 

Violent scenes were caught in the act of bystanders and eyewitnesses (with photos and videos being taken).

One police officer was kicked and punched unconscious after he found himself isolated and surrounded by demonstrators.

The said victim is a teenage girl and a student named Akansha (about 17 or 18 years old) was allegedly raped by a hospital personnel while receiving treatment at an intensive care unit (ICU).

The student stated that while she was receiving treatment in the hospital after falling ill and losing consciousness at the party, she was claiming being drugged and raped by the staff. 

According to Akansha, her mother went back to the party and her father went out to buy medicine after her parents brought her to the hospital ICU.

Soon afterwards, a ward boy came in and asked her to change her wet clothes.

She  asked him to call a nurse or her mother but he declined saying that there was no available nurse, he then brought her to the washroom and told her not to be shy.

She also claimed that she was forced to change infront of him, but it was disturbing because he was also started unbuttoning his top.

She then tried to run towards the room but the staff followed her and injected her with something. Shortly afterwards, she was unconscious. 

The girl narrated; “He took advantage of the situation and raped me,”. She added, “I could feel something wrong was happening but I couldn’t do anything as I was under the influence of the drug.”

Due to this terrible incident which was quickly spread across the city, furious crowd rushed to the hospital in protest to the alleged sexual abuse.

During the protest, some were hurt because violence broke out between the police and the crowd.

Authorities are now investigating the said incident.

Do you think that what the mob did was right to implicate the situation to the policemen who are just there to stop their protest? 

Source: Kicker Daily