SHOCKING: Video Clip of a Dog Being Cooked Alive!

Dogs are man's best friend. This is apparently not the case on a recent video clip that appears to have originated from a Chinese social media where in a dog can be seen being cooked alive in a swallow wok with boiling water.

Michele Brown, the founder Fight Dog Meat, an activitist group who uploaded the media on their website, has wrote strong words in condemnation of the said activity.

"Cooking  the dog in this method would take perhaps an hour for the dog to lose consciousness, and longer again for it to actually die."

"The vat is so shallow the dog can’t even drown to meet an earlier death to escape the inflicted agony"

"I find this almost unbearable to watch without wanting to inflict great pain on this man, and his laughing spectators"

"Words have not been invented yet to describe the pain this dog went through, or the depth of the disgraceful behavior all the humans present."

Several countries in Eastern Asia (China, Vietnam, Philippines and Indosenia) had been practicing the consumption of dog meat as food although there has been a noticably steady decrease of its popularity over the years.

One example of the infamous occasion is the yearly Lychee and Puppy Meat Celebration, which happens in Yulin, southern Guangxi area, in mid-June.

While the celebration used to see in the vicinity of 10,000 and 15,000 pooches killed to fulfill anxious clients, today that figure is believed to be as low as 1,000.