Shattered Father Plays Burial Practice with his Terminally ill Daughter

A desperate father from provincial China has burrowed a grave for his sick girl to 'set her up for her passing'.

Mr Zhang Liyong, a farmer from Sichuan province, had spent all his savings treating the toddler, who was born with a serious blood disorder.

The father said he prepares her  two-year-old daugther by bringing her to play and rest at grave every day to get her 'familiarized with her future burial space'.

The father was seen on a video clip posted by Pear Video  holding her daughter, Zhang Xinlei as they both lay in the prepared grave.

Little Xinlei was determined to have Thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder, at around two months old.

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder where in the afflicted person produce either no or too little haemoglobin, which is used by red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body. 

Thalassemia patients will require life-long treatment by blood transfusions or Chelation treatment.

Mr Zhang and his family had spent more than 100,000 yuan ($14,681) treating Xinlei, yet they could never again manage the cost of the hospital expenses.

"We borrowed money from many, but they are no longer willing to lend us more", Zhang said.

"We have been driven into a corner. There is no other option," Deng Min, the girl's mother said. 

They chose to surrender the treatment and turned their attention on get ready Xin Lei for her passing.

"I could only come up with this idea - bringing her to play at this place. This is where she will rest in peace. All I can do is accompanying her every day," the father, Mr Zhang, said.

He hopes that Zhang Xinlei will feel at ease with the grave and won't be so frightful when the minute comes.