BFF of Nadine Lustre Speaks Up About The Intriguing Photo with James Reid

Nadine Lustre’s best friend (Mika Tan) becomes instant popular nowadays for being linked to her boyfriend James Reid. It was all started from a controversial photo where James Reid was hugging Mika during a birthday party they attended over the weekend whereas Nadine Lustre was also present.

Yesterday June 19, Nadine Lustre ranted on her twitter account and posted series of tweets regarding with the linking of her best friend and boyfriend issue.

Nadine posted on her twitter account and hit backs her basher.

“Im sorry, but SERIOUSLY.
WTF are you all going on about?
Talking shxt about my best friend?”
10:12 AM - 19 Jun 2017

“Your minds belong to the gutter.”
10:13 AM - 19 Jun 2017

“Judge me all you want, but talk shxt about my friends.. I'll shut you all down.”
10:16 AM - 19 Jun 2017

“@Johara40928387 So what? I hug all my guy friends too.”
10:18 AM - 19 Jun 2017

“✨ Curly Wurly @curlyxxwurly
@hellobangsie Sinong best friend? Si Mika ba? Charot

Nadine Lustre @hellobangsie
@curlyxxwurly Yeah, got a problem with that?”
10:18 AM - 19 Jun 2017

“Ya'll know who Im talking about here.”
10:25 AM - 19 Jun 2017

“They're not even fans.
They're just there to hate and make issues. Disheartening the real fans.”
10:40 AM - 19 Jun 2017

“Now if ya'll excuse me..
Im late for my date with my PS4. #JaDinesjustlove”
10:48 AM - 19 Jun 2017

Meanwhile, Mika Tan speaks up about the viral photo with James Reid, Through her Instagram account on June 19, she threatens those people who will put malice for being closed to James.

She posted on her Instagram account:

“ The world has so many bigger issues right now, but I guess hugging friends gets a twisted meaning, too.
“Thinking there's malice in ANY of that and making things up based on an IG post.. is delusional.
“If you want to waste your time and troll on me, go ahead.
“But getting my friends who I treat like my family involved.. I swear I'll break your face.”

If you’ll check on Mika’s Instagram account. You will notice that she is really close to Nadine Lustre and James Reid and even to other non-showbiz friends.

As you can see based from their social media accounts that BFF Nadine and Mika have already clarified  that there’s nothing going on between Mika and James.

Anyways, it seems like the real life sweetheart Nadine Lustre and James Reid are trying to focus more on the positive side since Nadine Lustre is now the frontrunner to win the online poll for  for FHM Philippines' annual list of the ''100 Sexiest Women in the World,'' based from partial, unofficial tally. James is actually throwing his support behind the actress . He said that he’s proud and also hopes that Nadine could win.