9 Couple Sleeping Positions and Their Hidden Meaning

Enough sleep plays a significant role in our life.It  can benefits your heart, weight. mind and more.

That’s the reason why our body needs it especially after a long day at work. It is the best time of the day. In whatever sleeping position we may have as long as we're comfortable to have a good night rest.

But we are not fully aware that sleeping position actually tells something about our relationship with our partner.

According to Patti Wood, a body language expert and the author of the book  “Success Signals, A Guide to Read Body language”  Our body can be an  accurate way to  evaluate what’s really happening in your relationship. She said that your  subconscious mind controls the way you sleep with your partner even though you’re not actually expressing it when you’re awake .

Here are some popular sleeping position and each one will actually arouse your curiosity:

1. Spoon (Female)- There are times that women also wrap their partner in their arms during sleeping period because they also have the intuitive need to protect. More than fulfilling their needs, it also manifests the lady’s sexuality.

2. Spoon (Male)- This position shows his desire to broaden his protection towards her partner and to apply his authority over her.  Most of the time guys spoon their partners during bedtime for some other reasons as well, but typically because he wants to exhibit his dominant role to protect. Most likely couples do this position during their relationship’s onset.

3. Romantic- Most of the time this position is done by couples who had just a big fight or just started their relationship. The guy lying on his back and the girl is at the side with her head resting on top of  his chest or arms. It actually indicates that guy is saying  "I have the power and I'm using it to protect you”. However, only 1% of all couples do this, they settle on for more comfortable bed position.

4. Cherish - Couple are facing opposite direction and their backs are touching. It shows how well the the start of their relationship is. It also conveys that the couple is relaxed around each for the need of intimacy.

5. Liberty-  This position is almost the same as the cherish position. However, the couple’s backs are not touching .It signifies the couple’s independence from each other but they are still emotionally connected. The truth is, couples who like this sleeping position  have been together for quite long and have already flourished a deeper level or intimacy over time.

6. Hero- The guy poses like Superman  while asleep in this position while the girl is totally satisfied to chose between being a princess in jeopardy or being his sidekick.

7. Heroine- This time the girl poses as Wonder Woman in this position. It is not always the guys act dominantly in relationships, girls act too and the guy seemed a thankful rescued citizen in this position.

8. Lover’s Knot- This position means intimacy, dependence and romance role into one. Every couple loves this sleeping  position, they even don’t bother being intertwined in each other arms and legs during bedtime.

9. Pillow Talk-  This position is somehow the exact opposite of the liberty position, they  are facing each other as if they are trying to talk quietly. This position signifies that they are in need to communicate with each other, since the subconsciously  demonstrate the desire.

Interesting isn’t it?  What’s yours?

Source: Uratex