She was rushed to the hospital because of severe pain in the abdomen. What the doctors found inside her was SHOCKING!

Women in India are typically treated as secondary citizens. It's probably one of the reasons why majority of Indian men still exert authority over women. 

A 38-year-old woman in India was rushed to the hospital on Christmas day after she experienced severe pain  in the abdomen. 

The doctors then performed an x-ray to find out what's causing the pain, however, they failed to detect it because all they can see are silhouettes of a foreign material. 

To resolve her problem, the doctors performed an emergency surgery. 

The doctors were then left in shock when they found a 40cm rolling pin up her b*tt. And because of this alarming discovery, they immediately called the police and the vice chairperson of the National Commission of Woman in India. 

They revealed that in the beginning, the woman refuses to explain how it got there, but after three days, she finally opened up that it was her husband who performed the terrible act on her.