MUST WATCH: She was blindfolded and asked to kiss 10 strangers! She was shocked when she saw who was in front of her!

Most women who are searching for their prince charming, tend to exert extra effort in searching for them. However, there's this reality show where you're being asked to kiss 10 strangers then pick one from them and give it a shot in real life.

This woman was blindfolded and was asked to kiss 10 strangers in a row, who were also blindfolded. 

This scene was from a reality TV Show. They asks a woman to kiss 10 men that they invited so she could chose one that she thinks she'd like based on the kiss that they shared.

The kisser was Dani savka, a 25-year-old woman who's searching for the love of her life.

She's a dancer who's been single for 8 months and had already joined dating series before.

The kisses were all screened by the producers, except for one man who was named Daniel. He was chosen by Dani's friends. They used to date and felt that they had an unfinished business. 

After kissing 10 guys, she was surprosed to see Daniel there and couldn't deny that they had the chemistry! She then chose Daniel, and now, they're already a couple!

Source: PHRTNP