Siya Ang Forever Ko: Melai Finally Breaks Her Silence About Marriage. Is This The End Of Melason?

Melai Cantiveros stood firm in saying that Jason Francisco, her husband is still and forever will be her one true love. 

'Siya and forever ko.' These are the words that Melai said as she was talking about her marriage with Jason Francisco in public about his marriage. 

During the taping of Magandang Buhay for their Friday episode, Melai Cantiveros shocked everyone when she started crying as she was explaining that she does not agree with the saying, "sometimes even the greatest love has to end so you can find your destiny."

"Kanina sa opening, (sabi) ang greatest love ay iiwanan mo para ma-meet mo ang destiny mo. Hindi ako nag-agree doon. Kayong dalawa nag-agree kayo. Ako naman hindi ako nag-agree doon kasi nga 'yung greatest love ko ay 'yung destiny ko. Saka 'yung destiny ko ay 'yun 'yung asawa ko. Mahal na mahal ko ang asawa ko," then Melai bursts in tears. 

 "So kahit anong problema ang dumating, paglalabanan 'yan kasi siya ang forever ko. Forever is a choice and I choose my forever," Melai added. 

This is the first time that Melai talked about the status of her relationship with Jason Francisco.